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First Response Training

First Response is another essential requirement. It is a 6 hour programme and can be delivered by one of the following routes:

  1. Blended model (developed by Hampshire Scouts). Consists of:
    2.5hr eLearning followed by
    2.5-3hr online facilitated session, followed by
    short (15-20min) face to face validation session

  2. Face to face 6 hour training course - once COVID restrictions allow

  3. 3 x 2hr online facilitated sessions followed by a short (15-20min) face to face validation session.

In Wharfedale District we are recommending the Blended model. (Route A)

1) Register with Hampshire Scouts using this link : First Response with e-learning

2) Follow the link provided when you register to complete the e-Learning theory module. This tracks progress and checks knowledge as it proceeds. It takes approximately 2.5hrs to complete. District will be informed when you have completed the module.

3) The final element (which is only possible now that we have reached readiness level Yellow) is a live session at Reva. It will take about 2 hours and consist of a quick review and validation of the e-learning plus hands-on sessions including choking, bandaging, recovery position, approaching a casualty, CPR and Defibrillator training.

The following dates have been arranged. There are 6 places on each session.

To book on to one of these sessions ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE E-LEARNING please complete and submit the form below.

A single session following the “traditional” scheme (Route B above) lasting 6 hours has also been arranged (also at Reva). Priority is being given to the blended route as more people are trained per hour of trainer time.

This will be on Sunday October 24th, 09:00 – 16:00. Again, there will be 6 places. Please use this form to book on. The form will stop taking responses when it is booked up.