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West Yorkshire County

Essential Training

It is a requirement for every adult in Scouting to have undertaken the following Essential Training within 5 months of appointment.

These are all now online only modules and known as Mandatory Modules. They include online assessment and produce a certificate which can be sent to your training advisor or GSL to add to your training record. Face to face courses will no longer be organised for these topics.

First Response is another essential requirement and this has been relaunched after the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Safety and Safeguarding modules need to be refreshed and updated every 3 years.

If you are a leader starting from scratch you could also do Module 3, Tools for the Job. This would allow you to complete your Getting Started Training once you met with your Training Advisor to make your Personal Learning Plan (Module 2). This in turn would allow your appointment to change from “Provisional” to “Full”.